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How often I get my carpets cleaned?

Getting a carpet cleaned every 12 months is the best idea to follow. For allergy sufferers it is recommended to clean your carpets every 6 months.  It has been scientifically proven that regular professional north shore carpet cleaning gives your carpets a long life. So invest a little to save big!

Is carpet cleaning safe for pets, kids and me?

Yes, absolutely. We make use of high quality eco friendly, non toxic cleaning products that are never harmful for the health of humans and animals. Working with the best available cleaning products in the market, we make sure that your health is never at risk with our cleaning job.

Can you remove all the stains from carpet?

Well, it depends on the period of time stains have spent over your carpet. Stains that have been there for a short period of time are usually very easy to lift as compared to those that have been there for months. However, we have a wide collection of stains removals that can efficiently remove most difficult stains.

How soon can I use my carpet after cleaning?

It all depends on how much air movement is possible in the area as well as the humidity the day of cleaning.  Realistically your carpets will be dry 3-8 hours after cleaning.

How often I should protect my upholstery items?

Well it depends upon the usages of upholstery items and there wear and tear process. If you have kids or pets and they are more likely to damage upholstery items then you should get it done every time they are cleaned.

Do you service on weekends?

Yes, being professional North Shore Sydney carpet cleaners, we offer a 7 day service to all our clients. You can book your appointment and get the date and time of cleaning to your preferences.

How do I clean stains myself?

The best method of cleaning stains yourself is to use either a steam iron or a normally iron and a white towel.   The steam produced will loosen the stain from the carpet and the white towel is used to take the stain away.